Sharing faith

How easy is it to share our faith with others, and what do we say about Jesus?

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Do you believe in Australia? And if you do, how would you convert someone who doesn't? more
2 men


An evangelist stops a man and both change their views about what it means to share Good News. more
2 male actors


Jesus offers us life in all its fullness... but what does that mean, and is it an attractive proposition for everyone?
2 actors

Investigative reporter

A modern local newspaper reporter shares his hopeless quest to find out more about Jesus. more
1 male actor


A couple prepare a meal, or perhaps an evangelical meeting? Contains adult themes and language more
1 male & 1 female actors


A team of missionaries gets lost in the jungle. more
3 male actors


A woman looks for a new religion in the car sales room - just for the weekend, or for a longer journey? more
1 male & 1 female actors

Secular Evangelism

Are you afraid to share aspects of your faith with other people? Why? They're not afraid to share with you. more
2 men


How easy do we find it to share faith. Would it be easier if Jesus stood next to us? more
2 women, 1 man


What excuses might we make for not sharing the gospel. After all, when the first disciples went out to preach the gospel they had none of the help we can call on. more
2 men

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