Church Life

Examines some of the quirkier aspects of Christian lifestyles and our Sunday services.

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Sometimes we can be so critical of the form and content of our church services, we completely miss what else is going on around us. more
1 man 1 woman

Bride of Christ

A man asks his vicar to marry him, but wants the vicar to provide the bride as well. more
2 men


We often wish we had more faith, but is that really something we should be looking for? (Contains some inuendo)
2 actors


This sketch is meant to be about giving but because it is never actually stated there is room for comic misunderstanding. Contains adult themes and languagemore
1 actor


If vicars were celebrities would they also have to have groupies? Contains adult themes and languagemore
2 women, 1 man

Light Bulb

Being a Christian is a practical decision as well as a spiritual one, as this simple sketch illustrates. more
2 men 1 woman

More Like Jesus

If children should be more like Jesus, which Jesus do you want them to resemble? more
4 actors

Music Group

If you've ever wondered what the music group really say in their prayers before the service, now you'll know. more
3 men 1 woman

Operating System

A new Christian calls the help-desk for tech support with his Operating System. Contains adult themes more
1 man

Sing Forever

Do we really know what we are claiming, saying or admitting when we sing a hymn or chorus? more
2 actors

TV evangelist

Beware the preacher who thinks he knows more about God than God knows about himself. more
2 men 1 woman

What is church for

Do we use our church buildings and church resources in the right way?
2 actors

Why Me

We all cry out to God when things don't go our way. What happens when they do? more
2 women

Worship Song

Not everyone can write a worship song or hymn. But that doesn't stop some of us from trying! more
2 actors

Worship Songs

Worship can become formulaic, and this is not always helpful. This sketch takes a swipe at music that sometimes does not help.
2 actors

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