Five sketches with prayer and praying as their theme at a discount price

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Comedy skits and sketches you can perform in church

Short-christian-skits.com provides short christian skits and comedy sketches for use in church, Christian meetings and evangelism. These comedy skits and sketches use humor to challenge ideas and illustrate themes for Christian and non-Christian audiences alike. You can learn more about the Bible-based skits and sketches, and purchase performance rights by clicking the following links; Christmas, Based on the Bible, Real life, Tough stuff, Sharing & caring, Church Life, Everyday Living, Easter, Prayer, God, Heaven, Harvest.

"Our church has just had a weekend away at Ashburnham Place, near Battle. Emily and I performed Noah and the Umbrella in front of 160 people and it brought the house down. People found it so funny." - Arnold Jephson - St Margarets, Angmering

Or you can purchase several sketches together at a HUGE DISCOUNT, by selecting one of the several volumes (this link opens Volume 4). There are also special collections with the themes of Christmas, Easter, Prayer, and the top ten best-selling Christian skits. The volume option includes all the sketches and there is also a search bar to help you find key words, such as the name of a Gospel writer, a Bible character or a parable told by Jesus.......

"Thanks Graeme for the excellent skits, extremely funny, and points well made and highly topical. I am still laughing at the evangelist sketch, it's right up my style of acting. You have to love the monty pythonesque wit. Truly worthy of great comedy, and well worth the price!" - James Meason - churchrevolution.com (church in Wrexham )

"Just want to thank you for the fantastic skits you have written. I have been searching and searching for some quality skits to perform at our church and none were to be found until I stumbled across your site! I am an actor by trade and know a good script when I see one, and I knew right away I had found some winners when I read just a few short lines of yours (Shepherds, Four Kings, Inn, Angels ). " - Nance Rhodes

"We performed The Tomb in our pre-Easter service last night at Chipping Sodbury Baptist Church, it was a great success. I have vol 7 and can't wait to do another, they are a really non-heavy way of getting the messsage across. " - Christine Earp

Need a Bible based sketch to illustrate a church sermon or some clean comedy to liven up a Christian social event, like a trip to Spring Harvest or a Christian Summer Camp? Or a humorous sketch with a moral theme to start discussions? Or some Bible based comedy that could also appeal to a secular audience? Our sketches and skits can help. Need something for Christmas or Easter? There is a whole section of Christmas sketches and Easter skits. All volumes have sketches in categories such as Based on the Bible, Everyday Living, Church Life and Tough Stuff containing skits that deal with issues like prayer, faith, and the challenge of Christian lifestyles in a secular world.

"I love your stuff! Your skit on the lady shopping for a religion that covered her sin was very well received, especially when I followed it up with a lesson on putting on Christ (Colossians 3)." - Frank Macy, Minister, Church of Christ at Orange, California, US

You can buy a whole volume at a HUGE DISCOUNT or you can buy individual sketches from this site.

I am SO SURE of the quality of the sketches I've written, I promise A 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE on every purchase. Just tell me within 24 hours of receiving your log-in details, and I'll refund you in full. So take a look at what's on offer.

"Your stuff rates among the best Christian drama I've ever seen; most others really struggle to stay cheese-free. Thank you and keep them coming!" - Mike Dalby

The short comedy skits and sketches provided here are written by a professional comedy writer and stand-up comedian with TV, radio and theatre credits. All the work is inspired by Christian faith.

"... we performed the skit featuring the audition for the nativity play at our Carols by Candlelight service and it was extremely well received! I think your scripts are great and I am always checking the sermon calendar for an excuse to use one!" - Tracy Gregory, Pembury Baptist Church Drama Leader

Not all of the sketches are comedy, though most are. Some are serious and difficult. They're not afraid to tackle awkward issues, and even the comedy sketches are sometimes challenging. We live in a fallen world, so some of these sketches aren't cosy. We also live in a beautiful world, so some are unashamedly joyful.

"The variety of topics is great. Thank you very much, " - Helen Matcham

There are now 100+ sketches split across ten volumes that you can use to educate, entertain and challenge a church congregation or Christian meeting*.

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*restrictions apply. See terms and conditions.

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