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Vol 1

There are 25 sketches in Volume 1. Buying performance rights to these sketches individually would cost more than 50, but you can get rights to all 25 in Volume 1 for just £17.99

Based on the Bible

Derived from Biblical text or with Biblical characters, going from Genesis to Revelation, ending with New Testament and Old Testament themes. Skits re the birth, death and resurrection of Jesus are included in Christmas and Easter categories.


Adam discusses with God the possibility of him having a mate. But their ideas are rather different. more2 male actors £2.80

Blind mans bluff

Two beggars discuss the impact of Jesus's healing on them and on each other. Loosely based on Mark 8 22-26more2 actors (1 should be male) £2.25

Feeding the 5000

TV's top commentators report on one of Jesus's best known miracles, as it happens. Loosely based on Luke 9:10-17 more3 male actors £2.80

His Lordship

A country gent insists on paying his workers a full week's wage for a few hours work. Based on Matthew 20:1-16 more2 male actors £2.80

Martha and James

A husband and wife bicker about their child, and how he compares to their neighbours' son, Jesus. more1 male & 1 female actors £2.80

Real life

Life has challenges, even as a Christian (sometimes, especially as a Christian).


Teenagers discuss issues of pre-marital shopping with their vicar. Contains adult themes and language more2 male & 1 female actors £2.80

Build up

Sports presenters discuss the night's TV viewing - showing how sport has become a religion for some. more2 male & 1 female actors £2.80

Christians at work

How easy is it to be a Christian at work? Not very, when you're in charge of the Colisseum. more2 actors £2.25

Dating agency

Is there more to love than physical appearance? Contains adult themes and languagemore1 male & 1 female actors £2.25


A documentary-style sketch about the way Christians are sometimes seen by non-Christians. more2 female & 1 male actors £2.80


How helpful is it to use the Bible to solve all our problems? After all, even the Devil quotes scripture. more2 actors (1 should be female) £2.80

Tough stuff

Sometimes it feels like God isn't there, and sometimes we behave like He isn't. These sketches confront these issues.

Clothes shopping

A woman tries on her new-found Christianity in a dress shop. But the nips and tucks she asks for show how we all like to choose the aspects of faith that suit us. more2 female actors £3.25

Engagement ring

A savage look at our hypocrisy in matters of third world trade. Contains adult themes and language more2 male & 1 female actors £2.80


An uncomfortable look at teenage pregnancy around the world. Contains adult themes and languagemore2 male actors £2.25


A news programme broadcasts a self-expose of how news is used to distort our view of the world, and make it seem like the Devil's on top. more1 male & 1 female actors £2.25

O little town of Bethlehem

A poem about troubles in the middle east, based on the words and metre of the popular carol. more1 actor £2.50

Sharing faith

How easy is it to share our faith with others, and what do we say about Jesus?


An evangelist stops a man and both change their views about what it means to share Good News. more2 male actors £3.25

Investigative reporter

A modern local newspaper reporter shares his hopeless quest to find out more about Jesus. more1 male actor £2.25


A couple prepare a meal, or perhaps an evangelical meeting? Contains adult themes and language more1 male & 1 female actors £2.25


A team of missionaries gets lost in the jungle. more3 male actors £2.80


A woman looks for a new religion in the car sales room - just for the weekend, or for a longer journey? more1 male & 1 female actors £3.25


A few sketches with prayer as their theme.

Bring it to God

Three people pray aloud. Loosely based on Luke 15:7-10 more3 actors £2.80

Real prayers

Do we really know what were praying when we say the Lord's Prayer? This version will make you think. more1 actor £2.80


How do we think about God and Heaven? What does the Bible say about his character, his mercy, his grace, his vengeance?

Relationship Counselling

A couple visit a counselling service. But all is not what it seems. more3 actors £2.80

Rich man

It's easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven. Here's why. more1 male & 1 female actors £2.80

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