Terms and conditions
The authors of this site are professional writers, and we take the issue of intellectual property and copyright very seriously. Any breach of these terms and conditions will be met with a prosecution where appropriate.
The sketches offered through this website, whether offered free of charge or for sale remain the sole copyright and intellectual property of the author. They shall not be altered, copied, nor distributed by any means, without the written consent of the owners of this site.
Any sketches offered for free are done so on the understanding that they are read only by the person completing the registration form. No performance rights exist in any such sketches as may be received via the free registration process, and they shall not be used for any public or private performance of any kind. Performance rights only exist in sketches for which a financial payment has been received by the owners of this site, and only for performance where no admission charge is made.
Sketches obtained or purchased through this site may not be sold on to or passed on to any third party.
The authors of sketches offered by this site make no undertaking as to their suitability for performance in any particular situation. The decision to use any of these sketches resides entirely with the purchaser.
The copyright owners reserve the right to be identified as author of the works, and to receive such credit from public performance as may be deemed appropriate by the authors.
Minor alterations may be made to all of the sketches in order to adapt them to local conditions/audiences, and such changes shall not be deemed to be a contravention of clause 1 above, nor shall they alter copyright ownership, or the rights of the authors to be identified as such.
The owners of this and its associated sites are not responsible for any consequence arising from the use of these sketches, and in licensing sketches for public performance make no guarantees that the chosen venue is suitable for any public performance of any kind. It is your responsibility to ascertain whether your venue requires a public performance licence under local jurisdiction.
The owners of this and its associated sites are not in anyway responsible, financially or morally, for the use of music, or any other copyright material, during any performance of these sketches.
Performance rights are available for performance in front of a paying audience by application to the copyright holder. No such performance may be recorded by any means, broadcast, and otherwise copied, distributed or sold without the express written consent of the copyright holder.
By purchasing sketches from this site, you consent to receive emails from short-christian-skits, both to deliver the log-in information for your purchase and for the purpose of communicating occasional updates from the site and its authors. We do not send spam from this site, and if, after making your purchase, you no longer wish to receive communications from us, please send an email to me, and your name will be removed from our mailing list (but not from our customer list).